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Gain trust and credibility through your website design & brand identity. Your brand should be a representation of your personality and company values. If you’re confused, unsure, or nervous – we’re happy to help! Every design detail matters to us! We can build you a website from scratch, change hosting providers, start over, or renovate your previously designed website. We provide custom fonts, color pallets, and logo design. Start your online presence with the help of the expert digital guidance at Happle Printing. With our family-owned values, no other marketing company will provide you with such attention and motivation. Let’s work together to get your dream website designed. 

Website Design Hosting & Builder Sites We Work With:

WordPress, Wix, HostGater, BlueHost, GoDaddyBuilders, & SquareSpace.

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Creating Your SEO Campaign From Beginning To End.

SEO marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results through paid advertising. In other words, you can promote your business through paid advertisements on search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo to have your results appear higher in search results. 

Several advertisement strategies are employed to increase rankings. Pay-per-click marketing is one of the easiest most common campaign forms. Use bid strategies, A/B testing, or run multiple campaigns, the possibilities are endless! Keep in mind that every search engine has its own individual advertising platform. 

Once you’re ready to get started we will schedule a sit-down to draw out a campaign strategy. Designing your campaign starts with research. We like to start by asking ourselves the 4 P’s = price, product, promotion, pitch. Then we design graphics that suit your campaign goals.

#ProTip: make sure to maintain appropriate size perimeters (check recommendations), and limiting the wording on graphics as many search engines and online networks rank graphics with 20 or more words lower than others.

(We know it’s a lot to remember) 

Next, consider what audience your targeting, what you are offering, and what you want to end result to be whether it be gain leads or produce traffic to your site. Now, create a budget and allocate your funds accordingly. Begin setting the ad in every directory you’re targeting. Remember to pay close attention to your audience to minimize unnecessary costs. Once the preliminary ad, verbiage, audience, duration, and budget are determined, you can make adjustments and perform a cost analysis across directories to maximize your return on investment. Finally, set a date for your ad to the premier. At this point, you should be monitoring your results. We suggest giving ads a MINIMUM of 4 days of consistent running before making any edits. However, if after that you see something is or isn’t performing, make adjustments accordingly. Your results should produce leads, hits, and even sales depending on the utilization of the ad. 

When it is organized in a few neat paragraphs, SEO advertising seems very simple. It can, however, feel like a daunting task. 

Ask yourself this question, with everything you do for your business on a daily basis, is your online presence lacking?

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