Reach New Heights With Your ROI For The Water Treatment Industry
Reach New Heights With Your ROI For The Water Treatment Industry

Reach New Heights With Your ROI For The Water Treatment Industry

water test kits

Have you considered directly sending your potential customers an at home water test?

It’s significant for any sales person to get their foot in the door as you say. And for those in the water treatment industry, there is no better way to get you in front of a potential customer than sending them a quick and easy in home test. It is simple to understand the reasoning to take such a simple test, to guarantee access to clean drinking water for you and your family. With our help, many people in different states and cities across the U.S. have tested and found contaminants in their water. 

But then this also gives you an entire list of homeowners who are health conscious and have already showed interest in water filtration. What better way is there to find a potential customer for a water treatment system? Cold calling? This opens the door for you and enables you to already have that established connection with your lead while you’re going through your sales process. Happle Printing has been working closely with various water treatment companies for over 20 years. For that reason and with our all-inclusive marketing mindset, we have created in home water tests, USPS approved, for you to deliver directly into the hands of your next potential customer.  

We work closely with many different companies all throughout the United States and Canada. So knowing your industry, is our specialty. Being in marketing, we understand different strategies work for different companies and different locations. This is why we offer an array of marketing as well as our water test kits. We offer direct mail marketing, every door direct mail, CRM hosting, email marketing, website design, SEO and SEM marketing, graphic design services, and social media marketing. Be sure to check out all of our digital marketing services. We even offer our own water testing service. We will have your kits mailed back to us, test them, record your results, and send your list of leads directly to you!

Our water test kits are a result of a lot of trial and error. We have successfully designed a variety of USPS approved water test kits of different sizes and functions. We have created a full-size kit that guides individuals through the entire process of testing their water.  All of our kits comprise of a capped bottle, a piece of foam, a customized survey, and a return envelope.  When mailing anything, you have to abide by USPS mailing regulations. Therefore, we utilized the piece of foam to hold the bottle steady through transit to obey those standards while also cutting postage costs drastically. 

Figuring Out Which Type Of Kit Is Best For You

Depending on your needs, your location, target audience, and other factors we could offer you a few different strategies to market your water test kits. The first choice of kits that you have are the display kits. All of these kits are produced and then sealed into clear plastic bags with a small hanging hole at the top. We can also provide you with the display rack and branding sign for the top of your display case. You may notice these in certain home improvement stores throughout the country. These go great in any store you believe will give you the highest ROI in your area. 

Next, we move onto mailers. If a new neighborhood was just built in your town we could implement an every door direct mail campaign and saturate the entire area. If you know the demographics of any particular area that can help increase your ROI, then we can use every door direct mail to cater to your business’ needs. For example, you may want to target homeowners 55+ and you know this particular area contains mostly retirees then an every door direct mail campaign might just be a good fit for you! Many of our customers have large lists of homeowners that we break down into smaller mailings in order to reach every one of their desired leads. 

Another type of mailing that can produce enormous leads is direct mail. We call these mailings flat rate mailings where you personalize the piece of mail and target specific individuals. “Adding a name to your direct mail piece can increase response rates by 135%.” ( We typically use new homeowners lists for these types of mailings.  You can either provide us with a desired list or we have trusted partners that we have worked with and we know produce positive result. 

The next style of kits we offer are door hanging kits. We offer both open door hanging kits as well as machine sealed door hanging kits. So if you want to ease customer’s fears of COVID19, a machine sealed kit is the way to go. We produce the door hanging kits, however, you deliver them. If you have a team of individuals ready to go hang them on prospective customer’s doors, then you can definitely avoid the cost of postage. 

Another type of kit that we offer actually doesn’t contain the foam that the rest of them do. Our machine-sealed mini style kits. They are actually our least expensive kits. They do have the most expensive postage since they don’t contain the foam, but they offer a sleeker design than the rest do. We have designed all of our kits with you in mind. We’ve done our best to cut costs, provide you with all of the elements needed to produce a good return on investment, and feel confident in your marketing campaign. 

Market Smart

So rather than settling for the same results market smart with Happle Printing and bring your marketing campaign to the next level. We can walk you through the entire process from artwork to distribution. We are a family-owned business with family-owned values. We even offer a foam recycling program. Return your used foam to use and receive a discount. Work with a company that truly has your best interest in mind. Work with us & watch your business grow!

Don't forget to ask about our foam recycling program!