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    The bagging services we provide is simply the process of taking a packet of pre-approved, specified advertisements, putting it all into a bag, and sealing it on our machine.  Then, we either ship it directly to a pre-approved list of homeowners or to all the homes within specific carrier routes. We can design to ultimate ingredients to catching your customers attention all piled neatly into one quick marketing packet.

    Here at Happle Printing, we cater to many different types of businesses as well as many different types of marketing strategies, and only one being our bagging services. To ensure the delivery of your product to your target audience in an exemplary way our specialized bagging service is an option to consolidate and seal your advertisement. Whether you’re targeting a specific area or advertising your product in any other fashion, our bagging services are becoming more preferable since the beginning of COVID 19.  Having the ability to make a substantial impression on your next potential client with an entire sample sealed into a bag is a huge advantage for any business.  

   We offer two different types of “bagging services” at Happle Printing. The first type we have to offer are machine sealed kits.  We have few different kinds of sealed kits including sealed door hanging kits, slip style kits, and #9 sealed bagging kits. The difference between the different classes of sealed kits is mainly size. The slip style kits offer a sleek flair being the smallest of them all. With their compact space, you can still fit a whole lot! The #9 kits are long but narrow. The second type of kits we offer are the open-ended bags, also considered open door hangers which are not sealed on the bagger. 

   Happle Printing has partnered with many water treatment companies throughout the years & has compiled the most cost-effective, attention-grabbing types of kits. Within the kits for these companies we incorporate a survey, a return addressed envelope, and a certain type of bottle for the consumer to be able to test their water for any contaminants. 

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A Few Things To Consider..

   Keep in mind for any kits, you can target the audience of your choice through either EDDM or flat rate kits. EDDM is an abbreviation for every door direct mail, that targets postal carrier routes. With this type of marketing, you can mail distinct advertisements to a specific area of your choosing based on an array of geographic and demographic filters. Flat rate kits will send your mail directly to the audience of your choosing, again based on an array of determining factors. 

The next decisions you have are going to be based on price, ease of access to the recipient, and the possibility of elemental damage. Everyone’s marketing strategy will be different. That is exactly why we offer so many different marketing solutions, making us an all-inclusive marketing solution. So when analyzing which method is the best fit for your company, you have a lot of different factors to consider. Who your customer base is, where they are located, which type of marketing should produce the most leads depending on your type of business and what you wish to see from your marketing campaign.    

Therefore, if you are a new business in a small town, you might consider the distribution of door hangers (or postcards) to the entire town with some impressive graphics and an incentive to attract people to your store. Initiating that personal contact should hopefully inspire those prospective clients to visit, creating a huge impact on your business, your profits, and create lifelong contacts that will sustain the life of your business. 

This way produces a direct connection with your potential customer to make a lasting impression when compared to other types of advertising. We also offer street signs, banners, window graphics, glass, social media marketing, social posting, email campaigns, all of which do make an impression but none compared to direct mail and the bagged kits. 

The Process of our Bagging Services

    The machine involved in the process of bagging is extremely complicated. The process starts with setting up an entire box of bags at the beginning of the machine on top of a certain piece of equipment that allows the bags to feed through a simple mechanism that enables the bags to circle six times before being fed onto the bagger. And unfortunately, if one part of this simple system is out of place the bags won’t load correctly onto the machine. We do have a youtube channel and are continually adding how-to learning videos for the bagger. 

   Once the bags are ready to be loaded onto the bagger the bags must first go through a razor and then pulled onto the first belt of the bagger. Then if the bags are successfully running on the first belt the machine operator must be attentive and cautious and continue letting the bags run through while also grabbing the excess plastic before the bag’s load onto the second part of the bagger. If the excess plastic is not grabbed, wrapped around, and then loaded onto a device made to pull and discard the extra plastic, then the plastic will build up under the heater and all of the kits will stick together and you must start the entire process over. 

    Once the bags begin to run on the second belt, they’ve reached the heater which doesn’t mix well with extra plastic. If the excess plastic is not grabbed, wrapped around, and then loaded onto a device made to pull and discard the extra plastic, then the plastic will build up under the heater and all of the kits will stick together and you must start the entire process over. From there, the kits are boxed and mailed. Unless it is an EDDM order. Then, we have employees bundle them in bundles of 25 and box them with individual labels. Then they need to go to the postal service, approved, and then shipped out. 

The Benefits Of our Bagging Services:

    Amid these still unsettled times, it’s difficult to imagine the marketing trends that might be in store for 2021.  But one thing is for sure: they point to a unique level of digital acceleration when compared to the marketing trends we predicted for 2020. So, reaching out to the experts we asked Jason Heller, president of Persado, and according to Heller, “the pandemic’s digital acceleration was a double-edged sword as it replaced so many rich in-person interactions with generic digitals experiences. And personalization at scale is the answer.” 

The average lifespan of an email is 17 seconds, compared to direct mail’s average lifespan being 17 days! As well as up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to only 20-30% of emails, and oversized mail pulling in the best overall ROI at 5%. Most importantly, having the ability to launch a marketing strategy with the advantage of a sealed more weather-resistant package presentation rather than a quick media post, gives any business an edge. With all the research pointing to the ultimate power of direct mail and having two bagging machines running at full speed with highly trained operators, what more could you ask for? 

For an abundance of statistics on direct mail and its benefits including huge ROIs, check out this article we put together, click here.

Bagging your printed marketing materials can be a smart idea for a multitude of reasons. COVID 19 is the biggest concern in society today. Being able to provide them with a sealed packet rather than a brochure that they might just throw out seems to be a very smart marketing strategy. Protection from the elements, social distancing, or presentation preference are just a few of the reasons bagging may be preferred. We have specialized machinery ready to process your high-volume orders quickly & efficiently. 

At Happle, we are prepared to take on the task of protecting your materials and making sure that your ad copy is still pristine when it gets into the hands of your clients. We have full-time, in-house baggers ready for both open and closed-end bagging! If you are looking to expand your advertisement reach, you’ve come to the right place! We can bag & ship all of your materials either via direct mail or to you for distribution! 

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