Social Media Marketing To Boost Your Business.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing Campaigns are smart, economical, and relevant to any company. The social world is the public’s open networking forum. They discuss everything from their favorite coffee to the kitten of the week. To stay relevant in today’s world your business needs to be making its mark in the digital world. Start a new campaign and direct people to your website or build a new lead list. Call today & an expert marketing agent will walk you through your selections to choose the campaign strategy that works best for you.

Social Media Marketing by Happle

Social Media Advertising Has Tons Of Benefits & Immediate ROI

Let’s look at a few of the reasons that social media is your highest quality initial advertising investment. Such as…..

  • Reduced lead time to yield an ROI when compared to other types of marketing i.e.:content marketing or roadside ads. For example, content marketing works best over time (typically 12-18 months) to develop increased Google rankings by yielding backlinks and SEO traction.
  • Some channels yield quick results but not consistently. We find that consistency is key to marketing. For example, influencer marketing can earn you quick results in terms of sales for low effort (though high cost). But those results don’t continue occurring over time. Instead, you earn sales on a per post basis, and often less each time it is posted.
  • Some channels are consistent but time consuming to dial in. For example, AdWords can produce consistent results for your brand, but it takes a while to master and earn specific placement.

With social media advertising, you get the best mix of speed, consistency, and ability to improve. You can have consistent sales coming in from the first day your website is live.

For modern ecommerce sites, the ability to immediately and consistently bring in new customers is a HUGE deal. Even if you can’t achieve net positive revenue on the initial sale, referrals, email marketing and customer retention can pay off extensively with every marginal customer.

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How To Get A New Social Media Campaign Started?

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