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Pros and cons of digital printing services

Gone are those days when a traditional offset or screen printer was the only clear and natural choice when you needed a printing job. But today with the advancement of modern technology, digital printing has revolutionized and thus, the choice has become more confusing while planning for a commercial printing project or shopping around for the right print company since majority of people is unaware of the contrast between the two printing services. However, as far as the digital printing goes, the advantages of digital printing services greatly outweigh the disadvantages. To check out the precise overview of the pros and cons of digital printing services based on the guidance from our top experts at Happle Printing, a top printing company recognized for providing digital printing services operating in Atlantic City, Cape May, Cherry Hill and Jersey Shore NJ since 1987, you need to keep on reading…

6 Pros:

1. Being a super-fast process, it saves you a lot of time and thus, if you are working within a tight deadline and you have very less time in hand better go for digital printer.

2. Results are more consistent as it can print one item at a time.

3. Your documents can be easily customized as digital printers do not need a printing plate like the traditional ones.

4. Relatively cheaper than traditional offset printer for low volume jobs.

5. A cleaner printing process than screen printers.

6. Offers greater flexibility than the offset printers.

2 Cons:

1. You might end up getting potential cracks in the colors of some pieces, especially where the paper is folded or near the verges of the pages.

2. Does not provide all the same material mediums and so you may not have a lot of options left with you.

I hope this guide to digital printing was helpful in educating you about its pros and cons. Digital printing is not the right option for everyone but if you have already decided on digital printing for your project, Happle Printing can provide you top notch digital printing services. Call us today at 609-476-0100 or visit our website here at to get in touch and know more about us.