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What Is Lead Generation & How Can It Work For Me?

Lead generation is the process by which a marketing expert attracts and converts outside consumers into a potential prospect to whom to sell your good or service. To be clear; it is any way that a person is bringing in new clients to a business. Obviously, your biggest sources will always come from your referrals, testimonials, and word-of-mouth in your niche, however, with so many marketing or sales funnels flooding the market we think it is important to break them down and make sure that you are utilizing the correct tool for your trade! Some examples of (outside) lead generators or sources are squeeze pages, job applications, purchased lists, blog posts, paid list sign-ups, coupons, live events, or online content.

They work by bringing your business to you! There are two predominant sources of marketing, inbound and outbound. Outbound marketing is a process by which you actively go out and seek potential new clients through cold calling, networking, etc. Lead generation is a type of inbound marketing where you lay the strategy for the new potential client to come to you! You lay the advertising framework i.e: an online sign-up list and have the client let you know that they WANT you to contact them because they are already interested in your service.

Digital Lead Generation is an amazing way to zone in on a centralized target audience. Because you can really dial in on the type of people that want to see your ad or possibly purchase your service this can be a cost-effective method. There are TONS of digital strategies to employ in order to exponentially grow your business. If you incorporate the right mix of a few this can be a recipe for success:

  •  Affiliate/Referral Program
  • Correctly employing & setting SEO data & keywords
  • Social Media & Content Marketing (Since your content should be substantial use these two in conjunction & strategize for maximum results.)
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Advertising


Print Lead Generation can be thought of in so many ways. Any business card, banner, poster, or post card is some form of print marketing. Some examples of print campaigns would be:

  • Direct Mail or Every Door Direct Mail is most commonly referred to as direct mail or advertising mail. In this way, you send out a piece of advertisement through the USPS to targeted zip code lists. This is a tried and true method and although it has a higher upfront cost, it will effectively bring in 5-7% returns consistently.

Public Generation: Presenting the business directly to the public. USE THIS METHOD WHEN POSSIBLE!! There are tons of ways to either get your product or your voice in front of the general public. This method allows people to touch or be touched directly by the product. It is much more impactful hearing live testimonials rather than glancing at a billboard. Therefore, when possible, use your voice! Here are a few ways:

  • Podcast
  • Get Into Local Meet-Up Groups
  • Set Up A YouTube Channel
  • Go LIVE on Facebook
  • See if any of your FB groups meet regularly to discuss topics over Zoom & JOIN IN!

Through the right combination of digital, print, and public marketing strategies you will grow business and profits exponentially!! A carefully vetting plan will expedite the process. The client can successfully vet new leads and allocate their time as a business owner to where it is most advantageous. Don’t waste time on disinterested folks or getting hung-up on. Bring the clients that want your service to your doorstep and set up a lead generation system of your own now! Contact 609-476-0100 for more details.

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