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Offset Printing: King of Prussia, Philadelphia, Wilminton, DE

Offset printing is an advanced lithographic process that creates high quality prints Offset printing is a special lithographic process that results in high quality prints and is great for marketing materials such as business cards, brochures and catalogs.

This is a high quality process that also offers the best per unit price.  If you want high quality prints at the best price then you should talk to the people at Happle Printing. The offer a full range of printing services including offset printing in Pennsauken, South Jersey and Vineland New Jersey Offset lithography is probably the most commonly printing process and just about every commercial printer uses this process from time to time. Offset printing takes advantage of the fact that in and water don’t mix (much like oil and water don’t mix).

Using this process a printers creates and image with pure ink that is transferred from plates to a rubber blanket and then to paper. Plates themselves are made from paper or aluminum but aluminum provides the best results. There is a separate plate for each of the four primary colors namely black, cyan (blue), magenta (red) and yellow.

The plates contain areas that receptive to ink and other areas that are receptive to water. The plates are places on a press which the n imprints the images onto a rubber blanket and then onto paper. The end result are prints that are rich and smooth and without streaking. Offset printing provides a means to produce high quality prints that you can use in your marketing efforts such as in direct mail. Yes direct mail is still a very powerful marketing technique that can get your message in the hands of thousands of consumers across the country.  With advanced technologies such as offset printing and variable data printing you can create postcards that will help make your direct mail marketing a great success.