Direct Mail : What Is It & How Can It Help Your Business.

Direct mail is a form of advertising in which the postal service is utilized in order to deliver a piece of advertising material to a particular postal route. This can be GREAT for you! If your business is location specific, this could be the strategy for you. Choose a brochure, menu, or coupon and let’s put it in the hands of your target audience.

Types Of Direct Mail:

The “Classic” 

  • Standard envelope enclosed with a letter and a response form, such as a donation form, for example.




Brochures & Catalogs



Is Direct Mail Relevant?

Yes!! With leads at 5.3% it is hard to deny the power of direct mail. One of our favorite social guru’s, Neil Patel, an entrepreneur, marketer, and best-selling author, wrote about recent research that investigated the median return on investment (ROI) per marketing medium. One survey showed that direct mail campaigns actually had a higher ROI than both paid search and online display ads. In fact, direct mail was only 1 percentage point behind social media, the second highest ROI medium.

How To Define Your Audience

Ask yourself a series of questions through your customer’s eyes. How far are they willing to drive to reach your service. If you do not have a brick and mortar you may want to ask about income levels of your clientele and then focus in on those zip codes. You describe your company and we will help you dial in on your target audience.

How Do You Get Your Design & Printing?

This is just one of the many reasons that we are an all-inclusive service. We have designers, marketing experts, and a full team of printers ready to serve you!

How To Get Started:

Call or e-mail us today and we will begin hand crafting you a specialty piece of direct mail to grab the attention of your target audience!


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