Combining Print & Social Media – Maximum ROI


The Powerful Impact Of Combining Print & Social Media To Your Marketing Campaign

Do you remember everyone who connected with you on LinkedIn?

I have over 5,000 connections on LinkedIn. With the best will in the world, it is hard to remember every single one! What makes it even harder is that many people reach out with the standard connection message and never engage further. As good as LinkedIn is for forging great business relationships it only works if you do something to stand out from the crowd.

Here’s how one connection made sure I would remember her – by using print

A few weeks ago I had a request to connect from Laura Moxham at YBA PPC. I don’t know much about PPC but I was interested to understand more about how it might help my business so I was happy to connect. Laura reached out to me and we agreed to have a call. What happened next was very powerful.

I walked into my office after a meeting one day and the post had arrived. On my desk was a large, orange, handwritten envelope. When I opened it, I found that it was a communication from Laura. She had sent me a very nicely printed and handwritten card with a note about our call. She also enclosed a brochure and some case studies on how she had helped companies in the printing industry.

As you can see, it has made sure that I have remembered her very clearly! This is despite the fact that I receive around fifteen to twenty invitations to connect every week.

Using social media together with print creates a very powerful message

This strategy makes you stand out. You are more likely to create a worthwhile relationship. You will also be remembered. After, I am writing about Laura some time after we connected on LinkedIn.

You do not have to have agreed to have a call for this strategy to work. In fact, sending out the right printed message after a connection is likely to lead to a request for a call to be accepted.

Here’s how to maximize the effectiveness of this strategy

There are certain things that Laura did that made this approach even more effective.
Firstly, she made the delivery stand out. It is hard to miss a large, bright orange envelope! A standard white envelope would not have the same effect.

Next, Laura handwrote the address and the card. Handwriting an envelope always increases the chances of it being opened. Handwriting the card showed her commitment to really wanting to have a personal conversation with me. If the card had been printed I wouldn’t have taken the same amount of notice.

Finally, Laura included relevant case studies for my industry. She showed how she might be able to help me, and others in my business network. Making it relevant to me would make me much more likely to agree to a call.

How much would you be prepared to pay to have a call with an important prospect?

The cost of Laura’s package was probably around $2.50 or $3.00 Which’s not much of an investment to make to maximize your chances of engaging with someone. Compare this with the cost of a sales person or attending an exhibition. It seems pretty good value to me.

Here’s what to do to put this strategy into action

Here are six easy steps:

  1. 1. Decide what market you want to focus on for your social media efforts (you can always change in a few months)
  2. 2. Design a piece of print that will stand out and that has relevant information
  3. 3. Decide your key prospects in this marketplace
  4. 4. Reach out and invite the prospects to connect
  5. 5. Send your print piece out, remembering to handwrite it
  6. 6. Reach out to your prospect again via LinkedIn messenger to try and arrange a follow-up conversation

Get going today by deciding the right type of connection for you.

Stand out from other people on LinkedIn

Make sure you connect in a memorable way. The trouble is that most social networkers are used to all the standard ways of engaging online. That’s where print comes in. It’s a very effective way to ensure that new connections remember you. Print is the best way to make sure your connections remember you. With social media continuing to grow as the world’s lead marketing forum, it’s important to learn new innovative forms of using this marketing network. 

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