Tutorials, How-To's, and Videos Provided by Happle

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Tutorials, how-to's, and videos provided by Happle

¬†Keep scrolling to see Tutorials, How-To’s, and Videos Provided by Happle. With a world of expansive knowledge and limited time, tutorials are an efficient way to digest information. You can watch a video once, pause or where need be, or go back at any time. This gives everyone an opportunity to learn at their own speed and in their own way.

We have found that different people learn differently. There are thinkers, doers, watchers, and reviewers. This page is designed to give people a different perspective on print, marketing, or graphic design topics of interest. We hope that by giving people multiple views we can positively contribute to your daily life.

In particular, if you order from us regularly these tutorials will be especially advantageous for you! We have so many features here at Happle and we want to keep it simple. So, we designed a few videos outlining different ordering processes, affiliate programs, web development procedures, direct mail compliance questions, tips, design tricks, and a general print setting guide. We hope you enjoy & learn something new!! 

Become An Affiliate Sales Associate Or Graphic Designer Now

Start a new career with Happle! After watching this short introduction on how to become an affiliate designer with us, send us an e-mail, and let’s get started. It’s easy & lucrative!

How To Add Happle Printing's Products To Your Cart & Customize.

This tutorial should answer ANY questions you may have about adding products to your cart once you have made an account on the Happle store!

Happle Printing: Custom Products, Marketing & Promotional Items , & Social Stationery.

In this walkthrough, we will take you to all of your ordering options here at Happle.

Don’t forget; if you have questions – call us at 609-476-0100.

How To Customize Product & Design Products From Your Cart

In this tutorial, we will walk you through a short introduction to our online designer. We will show you how to upload artwork, make adjustments, and more.

Did you know!?!: Combining Print & Digital Marketing Yields Better Results.

Learn how to use multiple marketing tools to maximize your results!

Introduction To Facebook:

This is a beginner’s video as to how to navigate the basics of Facebook in classic mode. We will have an additional video shortly to demonstrate the new view.

Thanks for watching!! We will continue to add new tutorials as we expand our personal knowledge base. Graphic design, media, print, marketing, and more!! Come back soon and we can discover more tips together. For faster access to our videos please visit our YouTube page directly @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDSF9AXU21aclBsj_96jD1w