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In spite of increasing competition in online marketing, direct mail still continues to be the workhorse for generating traffic and making sales. Direct mail enters a person’s home by post and is consumed on a one-to-one marketing basis which is quite tough for other media channels to match. Since generation Y people are constantly overwhelmed with e-mails and other personal messages, direct mail stands out as something different.In fact, still today sending personal messages to customers and prospects by post is something that small business owners finds to be one of the most powerful, pertinent and effective marketing solution at their disposal. We experts at Happle Printing, a top printing company have been recognized for providing digital printing services to Cherry Hill, Cape May, Atlantic City and Jersey Shore NJ since direct mail is a very effective promotional method for the following 6 reasons:

1)       It is private and personal– There is no better way to communicate with your potential client than with a personal letter.

2)      Quick response- With most direct mailings, about 85 to 90% of the responses that one receives will come within the first two weeks of your mailing.

3)      Affordable-One can send out his or her full marketing message in an envelope to each customer for a very low cost.

4)      It lets you target with accurateness- Successful direct mailing is all about targeting your customers.

5)      Can easily grab attention– The best thing about direct-mail is that it easily garbs the attention from your target audience. It is opened one piece at a time. In case of radio and TV commercials as well as banner advertisements it is not so.

6)      Reaches almost anyone – Almost every client has a mailing address and reads mail on his or her own convenient time.

So, are you considering using a direct mail service for your business? If yes, contact us and we be there to help you to select the one that is right for you…