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Why Are Custom Printing And Direct Mail Still Appreciated By Businesses

Printing and direct mail continue to be a powerful tool in the hands of those eager to extend their companies and small businesses to a higher level. They help spread the message sometimes more rapidly than web advertising does. They are also surprisingly affordable compared to other marketing tactics and have an extremely important advantage on their side: they provide potential customers with tangible easily accessible information.

There are so many printing companies on the market right now and all of them are competing to win their client’s attention and trust. The services they provide range from full-color, one and two-color printing to direct mail campaigns. For people who work in this domain and deal with printed materials, colors and images every day, finding a reliable and high quality company is extremely important and useful to them.

Direct mail has been the first advertising tool in marketing campaigns and remains a very powerful promoting option for many businesses.

Starting with the rise of social media in today’s society, some businesses have completely cut their direct mail campaigns and chose to focus all their attention to the web environment. But that is not necessarily the most useful thing to do when you are trying to promote your business and save some more money along the way.

Why is Direct Mail still effective? Here are some facts:

–          It seems that direct mail open rates have been increasing in the past recent years

–          Almost half of customers have responded to their direct mail advertising by taking action

–          Almost all customers open their direct mail of they are clients of the direct mail service provider

–          It seems that people tend to understand direct mail messages better than email or web promotions.

–          There is no competition for direct mail, as opposed to information sent through tv, radio or websites.

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