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The printing industry has been in a state of transition since the year 1975. The rapid increase in the growth of digital printing technology has brought a drastic change in the technical advancements and new exciting features to modern traditional printing. The traditional method for printing was invented by German Johannes Gutenberg in the year 1450. It is a process by which ink is rolled on to paper and adheres well on the surface while being absorbed into the paper. But, when it comes time to printing brand identity materials consider purchasing a digital printer. Since its introduction in the year 1993, digital printing services have taken the printing industry by storm. It currently makes up around 13.5% of all printing.  If you are wondering which company to use for your print projects and are looking for a great product, then check out our Happle Printing services in Atlantic City, Cape May, Cherry Hill and Jersey Shore NJ for both your digital and traditional Printing requirements. One of the major topics which we will be discussing today in this blog is the sharp distinction between “digital” and “traditional” printing services to produce our print project. If you are thinking, what are the differences then keep on reading…

Digital printing vs. traditional printing services

  1. Quantity of printingDigital printing is the best choice when you are printing not more than 1,000 pieces. On the other hand, traditional printing is the best choice when you are printing more 1,000 pieces.
  2. Cost- Digital printing is much more affordable compared to traditional printing as digital printers doesn’t use plates like them.
  3. Color consistency– In case of digital printing (black and white) services, it is poor and good in case of traditional printing services.
  4. Faster process- Unlike traditional printing, a press setup is needed is needed in digital printing which makes the job a much faster process.
  5. Paper choiceTraditional printing presses also allow you to print larger sheets and can print many pieces as you want to but digital printing presses will only allow to print one piece at a time, i.e., it can only accommodate a limited paper thickness.

Now, the choice is all yours regarding which printer you would like to purchase. Whichever product you want to buy do not hesitate to contact us.