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Digital printing and direct mail are powerful marketing tools Digital printing plays a vital role in your business or organization. You have to print many things such as invoices, reports, marketing material and general materials. When it comes to important materials such as brochures, flyers, business cards and post cards you want to deal with a printer that can produce quality prints but can also add value when it comes to design, innovation and marketing. Happle Printing is your source for innovative print solutions in Pennsauken, South Jersey, Vineland and New Jersey.  They can help you with high quality digital printing, color printing as well as package printing. For example you can send your customers or potential customers actual water test kits with your name and logo on the bottles and envelopes. Such a campaign generates good will and builds brand awareness.

Printed media is a powerful marketing tool and your prints need to powerful in terms of the message they convey and striking in terms of appearance. Whether it is your business cards, your brochures or postcards, you want them to be crisp, clear and attractive. At the same time you want an innovative and compelling message that can help promote and sell your products and services.   Direct mail is another powerful marketing mechanism that you can use to attract more customers. Direct mail has been around a long time because it has mass appeal.

With variable data printing it is easy to personalise postcards and other materials used in direct mail.  It is a method that works and one you can use to deliver your message straight into the hands of potential customers.   Since direct mail is cheap it is easy to get thousands of pieces per day in mailboxes in Atlantic City, Cape May, Cherry Hill, South Jersey, Pennsauken, Jersey Shore, Vineland and more. Happle Prinitng has great expertise in direct mail campaigns and can assist you.