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Brochures and flyers are important marketing instruments and you want them to be eye-catching, innovative and effective. Professional flyer and brochure printing can help your marketing efforts and improve your conversion rates.  Happle Printing offers quality and professional brochure and flyer printing in Vineland, Cherry Hill, Cape May, South Jersey and Atlantic City.

But there is more to brochures and flyers than just printing. Your brochures will end up in someone’s hands and your flyers will be placed in mailboxes and other distribution points. The last thing you want is for most of your brochures and flyers to end up in file 13. Flyers and brochures that end up in the trash can are costing you money but more than that they cost you in lost opportunities and potential sales.

Flyers and brochures are part of a marketing campaign and it is an effort that requires a great deal of thought, innovation and planning.  You need to think about the design, layout and overall look and feel of your marketing materials. You also need to think about the message that your flyers and brochures are trying to get across.

It is a marketing war out there with thousands of companies and providers trying to get the attention of a consumer or potential customer. If your flyers or brochures are not up to scratch or of little interest, they will end up in file 13.

That is why it makes sense to work with a printing company that offers more than just printing. Sure full color brochure printing and high output flyer printing is important and essential to your campaign. But when you work with a printing company that can help you with many other aspects such as design, innovation, wording and even the distribution process, then you have a better chance to stand out from the crowd – a better chance to get noticed and a better chance to keep more of your flyers and brochures out of file 13.