6 Simple Ways to Maximize your Print Marketing ROI

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Are you doing these things to maximize your print ROI?

The aim of any marketing campaign is a high return on investment. The good news is there are some simple but essential steps you can take to boost your print ROI and reach your desired outcome, whether that’s lead generation or sales.

Target your audience

Any offer you provide can bomb in front of the wrong audience with the wrong marketing campaign. Planning is everything. We can help make sure your campaign targets the right audience defined by a set of fixed determining factors including the type of product you are promoting. 

It is critical to think through what success looks like for your campaign. Decide between how much revenue do you want to generate, how many new leads are you aiming for, and how much product do you want to shift. Your audience consists of people who have a problem you can solve and will pay you to solve it. To get the most out of your print ROI make sure you know who these people are and build your campaign around them. Understand their needs, their language, and their lifestyle.

Be relevant

Focus on what your target will be interested in at the launch of your marketing campaign. With that in mind, you don’t want to sell Christmas decorations in July unless your business specifically sells to the hospitality industry. And customers do respond well to seasonal offers, depending on how you are presenting as well as what you are selling. Research is essential when deciding how to promote your product. Try to gain insight into what your target audience may be looking for at that time. 

Even something as elementary as the time of your advertising can help produce higher results if you’re targeting an online audience. But, keeping track of those trends is essential in understanding and meeting your audience where they are. Keep in mind the overall census of the population, for example, the impact of COVID 19. Be mindful of your audience and generate the most optimal marketing campaign from your research. Something as simple as seasonal colors could attract attention you never thought possible. 

Make it simple

Next, make it easy for them to say yes. Create a clear advertisement and spell out exactly what your product is and how it can benefit them. Then make it even easier for them to buy your product by offering incentives, such as a discount or an early bird bonus. Be clear and decisive. Don’t leave room for the unknown. If you are asking customers to visit a store or outlet, make it easy for them to get there. People are bombarded with decisions every day, make this a decision that is easy for them.

Be valuable

Offer a solution to your target’s problem; while you have their attention. A promotional postcard is nice. A promotional postcard with a discount card, industry insight or an irresistible invitation is even better. Build trust and credibility by being as valuable as possible,  increasing the likelihood your target will act, and improving your print ROI. If you can personalize the value – even better.


Flat rate mailing allows you to address your target audience specifically, rather than sending a “dear valued customer” advertisement. 70% of people say direct mail feels more personal than the internet, and making it even more personal creates only better results! Adding a person’s name and other personalized database information (along with using full color) can increase the response rate of direct mail campaigns by up to 500%. https://www.inkit.com/blog/31-essential-direct-mail-marketing-automation-statistics. 

This type of printing also enables you to further segment within your main marketing campaign, focussing your offer to suit the demographic, location, or purchasing history within your target audience. Your lead will feel like more than just one of many and will be more inclined to say yes. Get rid of duplicate or incomplete records, make sure your opt-outs are removed and enlist professional services to check that you are not mailing the deceased or people who have moved house. As well as being wasteful, landing in the wrong mailbox can damage your brand.

Combine digital and call campaigns

Lastly, cross-pollinating across digital and print is a massive win for your print ROI.  Use QR codes to drive your target to websites or social campaigns with no fuss, reinforcing your brand statement both in the digital and real worlds. Use outbound calls to follow-up on your print campaign. Outbound call centers can double response rates by reminding your target of your offer and prompting them to take action. Looking to make more of your print? Get in touch for a no obligations chat with our creative team to see how we can help boost the effectiveness of your designs. To check out more statistics on direct mail check out this article, https://happleprinting.com/every-door-direct-mail/